Introducing the Rapid Lunch Combo at Meso: Quick, Delicious, and Refreshing!

In the heart of Santana Row, San Jose, Meso Modern Mediterranean is excited to unveil a game-changer for lunchtime dining: the Rapid Lunch Combo. Recognizing the hustle and bustle of daily work life, especially for those stationed at nearby tech giants like Splunk and NetApp, we've curated a lunch option that combines efficiency with the culinary excellence Meso is known for. This offering is perfect for anyone seeking a swift, satisfying meal without sacrificing quality or flavor.

Swift, Satisfying, and Sumptuous

Our Rapid Lunch Combo, priced at a convenient $25, is designed to cater to the fast-paced environment of Santana Row's workforce. It promises not just a quick in-and-out dining experience but also a deliciously memorable one. The combo includes one of our favorite lunch dishes, expertly prepared to minimize wait times, paired with a refreshing alcohol-free beverage of your choice.

Your Choices, Curated for Flavor

Choose from four mouth-watering lunch options, each representing the rich flavors and wholesome nutrition synonymous with Meso's culinary philosophy:

- Chicken Kebab Plate: Succulent chicken kebabs served with a side of aromatic rice and fresh vegetables.

- Falafel Pita: Crispy falafels wrapped in a soft pita with a drizzle of tahini and a crunch of fresh veggies.

- Slow Roasted Lamb Pita: Tender lamb, slow-roasted to perfection, enveloped in pita bread with a medley of Mediterranean spices.

- Fattoush Salad: A refreshing blend of crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and crispy pita bread, dressed in a zesty sumac vinaigrette.

To complement your meal, choose from one of our handcrafted Refresher options:

- Sparkling Lavender Lemonade: A fizzy and floral take on the classic lemonade, infused with lavender.

- Passion Fruit Ginger Soda: An exotic and tangy soda with a spicy kick of ginger.

- Hibiscus Iced Tea: A cool, ruby-red refreshment with a tart and tangy flavor, perfect for a sunny day.

Perfect for the Busy Bee

We've specially tailored this lunch combo with the busy professionals of Splunk, NetApp, and other Santana Row businesses in mind. It's our way of ensuring that a tight schedule doesn't mean compromising on a nutritious and delicious meal. Whether you're squeezing in a lunch between meetings or looking to step out for a quick refresh, our Rapid Lunch Combo is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy day.

Join Us for a Rapid Refresh

Meso invites you to transform your lunch break with our Rapid Lunch Combo. It's an ideal blend of convenience, taste, and refreshment, aimed at enhancing your midday meal experience. Available to anyone seeking a fast and flavorful lunch option, we're particularly excited to welcome the hardworking employees of Santana Row's bustling business community.

No reservations are required for our Rapid Lunch Combo—simply stop by Meso Modern Mediterranean on Santana Row, and we'll take care of the rest. Let us enrich your lunch break with flavors that whisk you away, even if just for a moment, from the day's demands.